The True Loop Spinner was the first of the tool line and came about rather as an accident. I was tying flies with Gary LaFontaine one rainy evening several years ago in Livingston, Montana when Gary used this rather ugly device, a weight with a large hook, to twist dubbing. I said “Gary, where did you get that sash weight?” - and Gary, obviously miffed said “Trozera , if you can do better why don’t you come up with something?” On my return home I came up with the idea of the center of mass & center of rotation being aligned and the True Loop Spinner was born. I sent it to Gary and his response was enthusiastic. He said you could spin it at any angle and it would run true. I said “Gary, that was part of the plan”. He soon wanted more, then more, then more and that is what led to my involvement. Gary said that his daughter, Heather improved her tying speed 30% using it.


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